We are a Training & Business Consulting Company

Arc Docendi provides world-class training and business consulting services since 2012. The company initially focused on providing training services for organizations like Accenture, Metro Drug, Navitaire, and UNFPA on topics which include leadership, sales, communication and negotiations. Arc Docendi also provided team building programs and Vision-Mission-Values workshops.
To date, the company also provide business consulting & research services like
HR HELPDESK, satisfaction surveys & process documentation.

We provide customized trainings on leadership, sales, communication and other organizational development programs, including team building workshops.

We conduct research services on customer satisfaction surveys, impact evaluation and process documentation.

We render professional management consulting on human resource & field operations, among others.


We are a training & management consulting company.

Our Programs


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Path Finder

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Sales Leader

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Beyond Words

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de Numero

Discover the intricacies of the numbers games in a simple and...Read more

The John Maxwell TEAM

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Team Connections

Team Connections is all about team building and strengthening. Wherever you are in .. Read more

Themed Solutions

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Out of the box

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The upper room

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Arc Docendi was derived from two words - Arc is French for mark or marker, while Docendi is a direct Latin translation for of leadership. When placed together, Arc Docendi means The Mark of Leadership. And thats exactly what we aim to achieve! To put a mark of leadership in all training and consulting engagements that we have with individuals, teams and organizations. Since October 2012, Arc Docendi provided world-class training programs on leadership, sales, communication, team building and other specialized courses for SMEs and multinational companies. Our faculty for training and management consulting is world-class, representing certified speakers from the John Maxwell Team and Toastmasters International.


Coach Lex is the President and CEO of Arc Docendi and a Certified Communicator of Toastmasters Club International. He has trained thousands of professionals on selling and communication skills since 2002. His programs include the following titles – Effective Selling, Strategic Selling, Effective Presentation, Beyond Words: Understanding Gestures and Body Language, and Effective Business Writing. Coach Lex holds a bachelors degree in Human Ecology, major in Social Technology from the University of the Philippines Los Banos, and a post-graduate degree in Community Development from the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Coach Lex | Arc Docendi

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Our Team

We are a training & management consulting company organized and SEC-registered in October 2012.
Our office is located at UG-24, City & Land Megaplaza, ADB Avenue corner Garnet Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Alexey Cajilig

President & CEO of Arc Docendi, Inc. He is a Christian Motivational Speaker, Human Ecologist and a Community Development Consultant. He is also a Sales & Communications and Leadership coach and mentor.

Aris Lim

Aris is a seasoned HR practitioner and well exposed in the customer service industry. He has an extensive training experience on team building, leadership and communication programs.

Benjamin SH Goh

Ben is a certified trainer, speaker and coach of The John Maxwell Team. He is also a co-owner of a US-based entrepreneurial assessment company BOSI. He is based in Singapore and has an impressive credentials on corporate and business management.

Orly Tugob

Orly is an accountant by profession, and is an expert negotiator. He is also excellent for team building and office-related skills development.

Our Team

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Think Before You Click: Online Communication Skills Business writing should never be complicated. Provide & receive feedback positively by developing your effective skills in communicating & connecting online.

Duration : 1 Day(s)

Getting Across: How to ask the questions that really matter People are usually caught up in getting the right answers. But it is important to note that answers are a direct result of the questions that were asked. Asked the right questions and you will most surely get the desired responses.

Duration : 1 Day(s)

The Mark of Leadership Seminar Series Part 1:
The Essentials of a Leader
This seminar will tackle the essentials of being a leader which includes purpose, character, respect, influence, process and sacrifice.

Duration : 1 Day(s)

The Mark of Leadership Seminar Series Part 2:
Leading Teams
This seminar will talk about key principles that can help enable a leader to effectively lead teams. It focus on the following areas: value addition, navigation, power of example, priorities, empowerment and leadership buy-in.

Duration : 1 Day(s)

The Mark of Leadership Seminar Series Part 3:
Leading Leaders
This seminar will focus on principles of how to lead leaders. It will feature the following topics: connection, inner circle, timing, victory, intuition and magnetism.

Duration : 1 Day(s)

The A-Plus Personality What does it take to be effective and influential in the workplace? Discover what makes an “A-Plus” employee. This particular program is also hinged on the client’s set of values and norms.

Duration : 1 Day(s)

Managing Meaningful Meetings Meetings eat up a large chunk of time from every employee. Yet it is a necessary activity in order to effectively reach a plan of action. Learn to manage these meetings and make each on count!

Duration : 1 Day(s)

Professional Etiquette There is an unwritten rule for professionals. Discover it, learn it, practice it, and spread it.

Duration : 1 Day(s)

Leading a Team: A People-handling & Mentoring Seminar Effectively performing individual tasks may be easy for most people. However, it is usually not the same story when it comes to a new role of handling and mentoring people. It is important that we learn to lead a team.

Duration : 2 Day(s)

Developing Rockstar Trainers: A Train the Trainers Workshop It takes leadership to be able to train others effectively. Develop the skills in imparting your talent to others in a fun, motivating and inspiring way.

Duration : 3 Day(s)

Conflict Management Learn how to manage conflicts and foster positive relationships within the organization.

Duration : 1 Day(s)

Armed for Solutions: A DecisionMaking Workshop One of the most daunting task of a leader is to make decisions. This seminar will provide participants with a mindset of solving problems. Emerge ARMED FOR SOLUTIONS!

Duration : 2 Day(s)

LIGHT BULBS! (A Brainstorming Workshop) Discover creative ways to brainstorm with your team, and become more productive in the workplace. Turn on the LIGHT BULBS!

Duration : 1 Day(s)

Design Thinking Learn how to think out-of-the-box!

Duration : 2 Day(s)

The Success Factor: Thinking Like an Entrepreneur Success in every organization lies in the ability of every employee to think like “the” entrepreneur or business owner. Develop this mindset and get the SUCCESS FACTOR.

Duration : 2 Day(s)

Accounting for Non-Accountants Learn to write, read and understand financial statements thru a practical and “non-threatening” manner.

Duration : 2 Day(s)

Reporting the Numbers: What the financial figures tell us Ever wonder why it’s difficult to influence people in the board room? It’s probably because they speak a different language – financial language. Learn the story behind the figures and breeze your way to your board room presentations.

Duration : 1 Day(s)

Financial Planning & Investing How do you invest your hard-earned money? Discover various financial vehicles and determine the right fit for you.

Duration : 2 Day(s)

All About Billing & Collection Billing and Collection is a vital part of any business. However, this is the part that is less focused on. Remember, a sale is not yet a sale until collected.

Duration : 2 Day(s)

Win-Win Solutions: Effective Negotiation Skills Learn basic yet very effective negotiation techniques that can be very useful in dealing with both internal and external clients.

Duration : 3 Day(s)



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